The macaws are an integral part of our lives and business. People often ask where the name ‘Feisty Parrot’ came from, well there really is only one answer to that and his name is Indigo! We found that we were getting a lot of questions about the macaws, so we gave them their own page to say hello!



Indigo, such a lot of character in a little package. If one word was needed to sum him up it has to be BRAT. He was our first pet, has been and continues to be the most challenging. One of his favourite things to do is march up to people, look at them say ‘ouch’ and when he has their attention nip or bash them with his beak….when ultimately they do say ‘ouch’ he saunters away giggling maniacally. He loves to stalk; this includes his toys, the other parrots, the dogs, any human and even the garden doves. 




Sasha is the clown of the flock. He is the youngest, biggest, busiest and most trusting. He also loves to cuddle and LOVES to hang upside down. Although he can talk a lot, he has only a few words that he will say to humans, preferring to chat to himself in the afternoon. He loves his food, toys and learning new things! Favourite food = Anything and the more the better!







Our sweet sweet cuddle bug is the oldest and also the only girl. She tolerates the boys and can often be seen putting them in their place! Tracey is her preferred human, but if she is not around, anyone will do for a cuddle. She has a phenomenal vocabulary if she chooses which will typically be in sentences. If we have been out at night, we will often be greeted with “and where have you been?” upon return. 




Do your Research!

We love our macaws, they are amazing intelligent creatures who were all for various reasons re-homed with us. They have truly enriched our lives but they are LOUD, messy, destructive, time demanding and a lifelong commitment. If you are thinking about getting a macaw, (or any kind of parrot), please make sure you do your research and are 100% sure that this is the right pet for you and your family.